While I consider myself to be primarily a red wine enthusiast, on hot 90+ degree summer days, I find a glass of white wine to be very refreshing.  I don’t know that much about white wines, so a few months ago I decided that this summer I was going to study French whites.  Picking France was a little random but my thought was that many great wines, red and white, come from France so it would be a great place to start in my studies.

On Friday afternoons when I can, I pour a glass of French white, assemble a plate of tasty morsels and open up my books on wine to study the region of the day.  Today’s wine is from Burgundy which is southeast of Paris.  This region produces wine from primarily two grapes.  Whites are from Chardonnay and Reds from Pinot Noir.  My wine today is from the Macon region of Burgundy and is made by the Chateau de La Greffiere winery.   There are supposed to be accents on many of the French words that I have already typed but that is too advanced for my kindergarten level blogging skills.

Chateau de La Greffiere

The wine is golden in color and has a lovely nose with a hint of tropical fruit such as pineapple.  But just a hint.  One thing I like about the white Burgundies that I have tried is the flavors are much more subtle than new world wines.  A hint of vanilla, a hint of pineapple.  Many American and South American chardonnays, in my opinion, overdo vanilla from too much new oak or from too much Malolactic fermentation that leads to a really buttery popcorn flavor.  Lately, I really prefer when those flavors are present as just a whisper.

This wine is full bodied and tastes quite different really cold than it does once it warms up a little.  And one must have a cheese and charcuterie plate to accompany a lovely wine like this.

I always love how a wine tastes different before a bite of cheese than it does afterwards.  I find this white to have just enough acidity to complement the decadence of the brie.  If brie, cured pork and wine were really good for you, I would be the healthiest person alive.

If you enjoy chardonnay and are looking to try something different from the usual wines available, seek out a white burgundy.  Some of them are extremely expensive, but there are some terrific values (<$15) from some of the less famous regions within Burgundy.  But if you do get one of those really expensive ones from a region like Mersault, please give me a call.  I will be right over.