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For the past month or so, my family has been doing a lot of camping on the weekends. My two-year old loves to run around in the woods looking for the big trees that fell down. This time of year is perfect weather around Atlanta as the days are warm and nights cool, perfect camping weather. We have gone four of the five past weekends and I have really enjoyed being outside without all the distractions that arise when we are home. I have also learned quite a few lessons about being a savvy camper.

1. You don’t need nearly as much stuff as you think you do. The first two times I packed as though I needed to be prepared for any adverse situation possible which was silly. We have been going camping for one night at a time
2. Plan meals that are easy to make. Everything tastes better anyway when camping so keep it simple. Steak is easy and taste so good when cooked on a campfire
3. Do not bring too much wine or other adult beverages. There is not much to do after dark so you will end up drinking it and regret it in the morning
4. Do your homework on where to go. The lesser known and harder to find spots are much more scenic and secluded than those on the beaten path.

Some pictures from our recent excursions.