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I was extremely fortunate last week to dine at a wonderful restaurant in NY called Del Posto. I had high expectations but all were easily surpassed. From the sophisticated ambiance with its perfect lighting to the amazingly attentive staff to the innovative menu to the memorable wines, every part of the experience was special.


Two of my cousins and my cousins fiance joined me for this over the top meal. We decided to do the tasting menu to really experience what Del Posto had to offer.

Tasting Menu

We were served an amuse-bouche before our meal which included a small thimble of soup and a chickpea fritter type morsel. Both were lovely. The first course was the crudo which is an Italian style sashimi dish with salt and olive oil, accompanied by a drizzle of creamy burrata. It paired very nicely with our first wine, a white called KERNER Köfererhof 2010. It was fruity on the nose but bone dry on the palette. It paired very well with our first set of courses.

The most memorable of the dishes was the Nudi di Uovo. It is sort of a large ravioli without any pasta and resembled a large poached egg. The outer layer was a sheep’s milk ricotta and inside was a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg yolk. It was decadently creamy and we could not figure out how they made it. So I asked. They whip egg yolks and then freeze them in spherical molds. They put the frozen yolks inside the ricotta and cook until the yolks thaw and cook to the perfect soft boiled yolk consistency. This clearly is not your typical neighborhood restaurant.

We moved on to red wines and the first was recommended by my friend Jody who also likes earthy reds. He raved about this wine so we had to give it a try. It certainly was earthy, medium bodied with nice acidity and paired well with several of the dishes. Half the group picked this as WOTN (wine of the night).

Raccaro Isonzo Rosso

The Lasagne was also very worthy of mention. I never order lasagne at restaurants because my mother’s time tested recipe has set the bar extremely high. Well, Del Posto proved that the two days they spend preparing the dish which includes 100 layers put them in a position to compete. It was thankfully a small portion because every bite was decadent and flavorful.

The second wine we had was my personal favorite and has sparked a new interest in studying Brunello’s. This wine was also earthy but had a more well rounded nose with a hint of fruit that I found so alluring. I spent some time inhaling the aroma before I ever took a sip.

BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO Il Palazzone 2003 Toscana

The veal braciole dish that followed the lasagne was also great but I was starting to get full at this point and kept thinking about the lasagne. Two more courses followed – a cheese course and dessert both of which were lovely. One adorable finishing touch were some after dinner treats to accompany coffee or a cordial. The presentation was so clever.

Cheese Grater Served Post Dessert Treats

The treats were served upon and within a wooden cheese grater. All hand made and unique, but we were so full at this point that we did not truly appreciate this offering.

This is one of those meals that I will remember forever. The experience that Del Posto created for us was memorable, decadent and illustrated why restaurants at this level are hard to get a reservation at for a reason.