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Many of you know of my love for Whole Foods Salmon Spread.  it is delicious and pairs so nicely with wine (specifically dry Chardonnays which are my flavor of the week).  I don’t know what they include in the recipe but I have a feeling there is nothing low fat about it.  I decided to make my own version to see how I would stack up and to learn if I could save myself the trip to Whole Foods in the future.

My ingredients (I did not measure anything):

– Medium piece of hot smoked salmon with pepper (i.e. not cold smoked salmon or lox.  I wanted the flaky texture of hot smoked)

– Finely diced red onion (about 2-3 T)

– finely diced capers (1 T) and a splash of the brine

– dallop of reduced fat sour cream

– dallop of reduced fat Hellman’s mayo

– small bunch of fresh italian parsley, finely minced

– Dijon mustard (about 1 T)

– to lighten up the recipe, I finely chopped 4 stalks of celery and the greens attached

Mix everything together.  Do not add any salt.  The smoked salmon was very salty.

Smoked Salmon Spread

By adding a considerable amount of celery, I stretched the salmon and dressing, therefore reducing the calories per serving.  I think that it tasted quite good, however, my husband reported that WH can keep their day job.  My two year old son could not get enough.  I tried to teach him to spread the salmon on a cracker but he ignored that suggestion and ate it right from the bowl.

My Son Inhaling Smoked Salmon Spread

The verdict? I think that my version was a great lower calorie substitute and it certainly was less expensive.  I wish I had a lemon as I think that would have been a great addition.  Next time.

We enjoyed the salmon with a wine from Manzoni in the Santa Lucia Highlands and it paired beautifully.  Full bodied Chardonnay with some acidity and hint of tropical fruit flavors.  Even though this wine went through malolactic fermentation they did not turn the great taste of Chardonnay into popcorn.  Loved this wine.

Manzoni Chardonnay