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I was very fortunate to have attended another wine tasting at our local wine shop this past week.  Similar to the last one we went to, it featured Italian wines, however, the wines could not have been more different.  I guess that is not a surprise as they must make somewhere close to 10 million different wines in Italy (that is my totally made up estimate).

The wines at this tasting were from the Falesco winery which is located in Umbria (Central Italy).  Paulo De Carvalho from Falesco led the tasting and shared some wonderful stories about the wines and the history of the winery.

We tasted some really great wines (eight of them!).  Highlights for me started with the 08 Ferentiano, which is made from the Roscetto grape which I have not had much experience with.  The wine was given a treatment similar to some Chardonnays (oak aging, malolactic fermentation) but just enough to add lovely tropical flavors of pineapple and mango.  Not too much though that I felt those flavors overpowered the wine. $24

Tower again provided an amazing spread to help bring out the best in the wines:

I loved most of the reds, beginning with the very affordable Vitiano Rosso ($11) which is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese.  It is a youngish wine (09) but it so balanced and soft.  It was fruity and juicy and very easy to drink.  A great every day wine.

The 09 Merlot ($14 – also a fabulous price for this level of quality) had a wonderful nose and was fruity, smooth and spicy.  I could drink this wine often and would love to share it with friends over a meal of grilled pork chops and cheesy, herbed polenta.

The two higher end wines were both fabulous.  The first was the 09 Montiano (100% Merlot) which was again fruity like the other Merlot, however, this had an additional layer or earthy depth.  This dry wine goes very well with food (I personally tested this out with the cured meats and cheese provided at the tasting) and according to Paulo, this wine has considerable aging potential.  The vineyards are located in an area with volcanic soil that ads a very special essence to this lovely wine.  $36

The last wine up was the 05 Marcilliano with is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc (two grapes I love).  This spicy and dry wine was full of silken body.  Great wine that would go very nicely with steak and au gratin potatoes. $40

When trying new wines, it is always great to hear about how the wines are made and the philosophies of the wine making team directly from someone involved.  Paulo did a wonderful job sharing his love of Falesco wines with us, making me love them as well.

Chatting with Paulo De Carvalho from Falesco