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In spite of all the posting I do about wines from France, Italy and most recently, Paso Robles, the wines that influenced me the most came from Napa.  There is one wine in particular that holds a special place in my heart because it is truly it a fantastic wine year after year is the Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon.  I remember clearly my first visit to Hall years ago.  I loved the wines and the winery so much that I joined their wine club on the spot (it was my first wine club too which made it even more exciting and memorable).

Fortunately for me, the UPS guy delivers Hall Wines to my doorstep a few times a year and I save and cherish the Kathryn Hall Cab for special occasions.  Sometimes though, a random Friday night becomes a special occasion, just because.  Upon opening this wine, I was reminded that even though many of the wines in Napa have become very expensive, some of them, like this one, really are wonderful and worth every penny.

The 06 Kathryn Hall was a rich, lush and full bodied wine.  Decadent could even be used to describe it.  Dark fruit aromas like blackberry and cassis float above this wine, with hints of chocolate and leather.  This is a wine to drink slowly and to savor because over the course of the evening it evolves and changes.

I paired this wonderful wine with a hearty and earthy meal of grilled rib eye steaks, roasted green beans with onions, mushrooms and thyme, slow-cooked red beans and brown rice.  It was a great meal.

If you are ever in Napa, stop by Hall for a visit.  The tasting room in St. Helena is being remodeled based on a design from Frank Gehry (it may be done as I have not been to Napa in a while).  In addition, they have another winery up in the hills of Rutherford with amazing caves and a subterranean dining room with the most amazing chandelier.