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Paprika & Pinot was recently nominated for a Kreativ Blogger award by NJ Vinoman of Veni! Vidi! Vino!   What a thrill and I am over the moon excited about this very cool honor.  I regularly read the vivid and mouthwatering reviews of wines tasted by NJ Vinoman and often wish I could be there trying them as well!  He really has some wonderful stories too about how he came to try the various wines that he writes about.

Rules of Conduct: Bloggers who win the award must complete the following steps:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

Seven things about myself that others may find interesting:

1. My current level of wine adoration is very much a function of my full time job in market research which has nothing whatsoever to do with wine.  They send me out to SF for work regularly, which is very close to wine country, and that is how the wine bug really started.

2. I recently completed my first triathlon which was lots of fun and led to a wonderful sense of accomplishment

3. While dining out is sometimes a treat, I really would prefer to stay home and cook a wonderful meal for my family

4.  I love to make things with my hands and have a constantly growing list of the crafty hobbies that I have dabbled in from jewelry design, sewing, painting, crochet, and pottery

5. When I do go out to dinner, mostly when I am traveling for work, I have been known to seek out restaurants with burrata on the menu

6. I grew up in upstate NY, and have lived in Boston and NYC, and currently reside in Atlanta

7. My dream is to buy a huge piece of land in a rural area and start my own winery.  That would be so cool.  Two hurdles at the moment are my complete lack of knowledge regarding how to grow grapes or how to make wine.

My nominees for the Kreativ-Blogger Award

1. The Blissful Adventurer.  The wonderful blog is written by Michael Housewright and if full of great writing, amazing photographs and entertaining stories about his exploits along the path of life

2. The Italian Wine Geek.  Written by Joanie Karapetian who works for an Italian Wine Importer in LA.  I want her life.  Seriously.  She has the most amazing experiences trying different wines and traveling all over the west coast and Italy.

3. Travel Photography by Dmitrii Lezine.  The most magical and mesmerizing photos imaginable.  His work makes me want to travel to every place he has captured.

4. Do Bianchi.  An informative and articular blog written by Jeremy Parzen who is extremely knowledgeable about all things Italian, especially Italian wine.  He also writes a column for the Houston Chronicle

5. Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews.  I love her visual reviews of wines.  You need to visit her site to see what I mean.  The author and artist of this blog, Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka, often creates a visual summary of the characteristics of various wines, and puts things in terms that everyone can enjoy and understand.

6. Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog.  Great winery and very informative blog.  One of the owners, Jason Haas, writes about an array of topics.  Some are about the winery and their wonderfully elegant wines, and some are more general posts about issues affecting the wine industry.

7. Smitten Kitchen.  This is a pretty well known food blog and the photos and recipes are simply wonderful.  Written by Deb Perelman, this site could make you hungry after Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks again to the NJ Vinoman at Veni! Vidi! Vino! for this wonderful honor!