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A couple of times a year I need to bring wine with me on a plane.  This is most often because we have gone wine tasting in California and bought wine to bring home.  A few other times though we have visited friends and family and brought wine to share and give as gifts.  If you have ever carried a full case of wine, and are not crazy strong like The Incredible Hulk, you know that it can be heavy, awkward and basically a real pain.  Enter the Wine Check carrier.

This carrier, which is a nylon bag of sorts, makes it so much easier to get wine around town and to the airport.  You insert a full case box inside the bag and it zips up.  Sadly, it won’t solve all the hassles associated with transporting wine, like stairs, but it makes it so much easier to transport wine and my suitcase on my own.

I learned about this carrier on my last trip to Carneros and many wineries sell co-branded versions in their tasting rooms.  I ordered mine online without the case box because the shipping is much less and I have a bunch of case boxes in the garage.

I am planning a wine tasting trip to Italy in two years and plan to use this carrier to wheel my wine around the northern half of the country because I am incapable of visiting a winery and not buying wine (provided I like the wine).

If you travel by plane, or even train, with wine and want a much easier way to transport a heavy case, I highly recommend this carrier.