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I have read quite a bit recently about riesling, including a few articles that have declared July to be “the month of riesling”.  Over the years, I have tried many wines made from this grape at various wineries, but until recently, had never actually bought a bottle of riesling.  For the most part, rieslings are too fruity for me as I tend to prefer very dry whites.  I decided to expand my horizons and bought a bottle of German Riesling.  It did not work out very well.

A great riesling for people who like very fruity or off-dry wines.

This wine was way too sweet for me, and since I don’t really like super spicy food (which it probably would pair nicely with), I was not sure what to use this bottle for.  So I decided to braise a chicken in some of it, along with some vegetables.  This effort came out very nicely.  The sweetness in the wine helped to bring out the flavors in the ingredients.  To round out the meal, I used Bisquick (I needed to use GF but they would likely be better with regular) to make dumplings.

Riesling Chicken and Cilantro Dumplings

This dish was similar to a chicken stew, and because of time constraints I cooked the chicken and vegetables in a crock pot for part of the time.  When I make this again, I will cook everything on the stove in less time because I think the chicken was a bit overdone.  It is important to brown the chicken before anything else is added though.  This adds a depth to the flavor that is essential to the dish.

Everything in the crock pot

This dinner reaffirms my love of cooking with white wine.  It adds a freshness and brightness to dishes, especially in the warm summer months.  I typically use dry wines because that is what I like to drink, but the off-dry riesling that I used was really wonderful.

I also love dumplings cooked right in the stew.  I prefer the light and airy version, and Bisquick did a great job in this case.  I always like to add fresh herbs and wanted to use some cilantro that needed a new home.

I will continue to look for a bone dry riesling so that I can join this ever-growing club of riesling fans.  Sadly, I can’t join today.   Don’t worry about me though.  I am in plenty of other varietal fan clubs.