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I have been camping a lot with my family this summer.  Each trip seems to get more adventurous in terms of the challenge level getting to the campsite.  This past weekend we hiked along a trail for about a mile to one of the most gorgeous spots I have ever been to.  It was along the Chattooga River, and was so private, secluded and quiet that it would be impossible to not feel at peace in a place like this.

The Wild & Scenic Chattoga River (That is the official name)

The biggest challenge about making the transition from car camping to backpacking is paring down the list of things that you bring.  When you have to carry everything, every bit of extra weight matters.  We wanted to bring some wine with us, but wine bottles are heavy and we would also have to carry them back out with us.  So after a bit of research, I found the perfect solution to bringing wine along on a trip like this.

The Platy Preserve

The Platy Preserve, for lack of a more technical term, is a bag that holds wine.  It is durable and strong, and allows you to remove all of the air before sealing.  And you don’t have to worry about forgetting a corkscrew.  I was concerned about the wine oxidizing but that that was not an issue at all.  I highly recommend this solution when you want to bring wine on a picnic, backpacking trip or anywhere where glass is not allowed (pool, beach, etc.)  Just rinse it out when you are done so that the leftover wine does not dry inside the bag.

I bought mine from Amazon (click here).  I also suggest bringing along plastic wine glasses.  Target carries both stemmed and stemless glasses that are impossible to break.

If you are wondering why we go through all this effort to backpack to a campsite when there are lots of perfectly good campgrounds in the same area, here are some photos to show you why.  If you crave a pristine pocket of nature without anyone else around, this is your best bet.  It certainly is more effort but I think that it is worth it.

At the bottom of Lick Log Falls

Pig Pen Falls

Our amazing campsite. Along the river and off the trail.

My little backpacker