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I was in NYC recently on business and had dinner with a dear friend at The Red Cat in Chelsea.  I had been eager to dine there for ages because my cousin works at the restaurant and told me on several occasions that the food is great.  After much delay, I got my opportunity and it was well worth the wait.

I arrived for dinner early and waited for my friend at the bar.  The wines by the glass list is very interesting with refreshingly off-the-beaten-path choices.  The bartender was extremely friendly and let me sample a few wines before I committed to my glass.  I wanted a glass of white and was hoping to stray from my often chosen Rhone varietals and Chardonnay.  I am not usually a fan of Sauvignon Blanc for some reason, however, I tried one from Austria that was simply divine.

The food was excellent.  There are two classes of restaurants in dining cities like NY and SF.  One group makes meals that are usually pretty good but they do not put much thought or effort into presentation.  The second group pays attention to every detail.  The tastes and flavors, the plating and presentation, the proportions of components in a dish.  The Red Cat is in the latter group.  The dishes were gorgeous and as tasty we you would expect from such appealing eye candy.  My photos do not do the meal justice as it was dark in there and I did not want to use my flash.  But you should hopefully still get a good sense of the attention to detail and the gorgeous food.

Artic char tartar. Wow.

Burrata with prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I could happily eat burrata everyday.

Zucchini dish with pecorino that we LOVED. I am so happy when restaurants make fresh vegetables taste this divine.

Cod entree. Very tasty. We also had a pork tenderloin dish but my photo was too blurry.

I will be back to the Red Cat in a future NYC trip.  The food was delish and the service top notch.  I left the restaurant smiling from ear to ear after a wonderful dining experience.  I am not the only one who feels this way about The Red Cat.  The place was packed on a Wednesday night right before Labor Day Weekend.  The bartender told me that it was a slow week because of the holiday.  I highly recommend making a reservation to avoid disappointment.

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