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Welcome to my blog!  I am a lover of food and wine, and especially the synergy between a great meal and a fantastic wine .  I have loved wine for years but did not start collecting until my extraordinary husband built a wine cellar in our house four years ago.  It also helped that I visit San Francisco for work very often and have two super cool aunts who live in Sonoma and are always up for some wine tasting.

Many of my vacations in the past few years have centered around visiting wineries across the country (and hopefully one day across the world) to learn more about how wine is made, how different regions affect how the various grapes develop and to taste how the resulting wines differ.  I have included a section highlighting some of the wineries I have visited on my travels.

Quick facts about me related to wine:

Favorite Red Varietals: Syrah and Grenache, but it was Cabernet that make me fall in love with wine.  I recently have become enamored with Malbec and the grapes used in Valpollicella (Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella).

Favorite White Varietals: Marsanne and Roussanne

Favorite Fancy Wine: Chappellet Pritchard Hill Cabernet

Favorite Value Wine: Pascual Tosa Malbec

Favorite Restaurants: A16 in San Francisco, Craft in NYC, Two Urban Licks in Atlanta

Favorite Wineries to Visit: Hall, Del Dotto, Saintsbury, Pierce Ranch, Justin

Wineries I REALLY Want to Visit: Austin Hope, Alta Colina, Etude, Cade, L’Aventure, Qupe, Novelty Hill

Wine Regions Outside US I Want to Visit: The Veneto, Tuscany, Burgundy, Mendoza

Wine Regions in US I Want to Visit: Washington State (either Walla Walla or Woodinville), Willamette Valley, Paso Robles (visited once but need to go again.  so much there!)

Favorite Wine Town: Los Olivos

Favorite Wine Pairing Dishes: Scallops with Marsanne, Braised Short Ribs with Syrah

Favorite all time food to pair with wine: CHEESE!  Oh and some charcuterie to go with the cheese.


10 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Thank you for signing up to follow me! I work at a winery in the Sierra Foothills and one facet of my job is pairing the foods that we sell with our wines…I am in hog heaven doing this! Nice blog you have here!

    • How exciting! I go on an annual wine tasting pilgrimage to California every year, and next year’s trip is to Amador County. I am very excited to follow your blog and learn more about the wines from your area. Thank you for the kind feedback. Molly

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, and had to laugh when I read your blog title. Made me think of a wine tasting with a South African dealer who praised this “intriguing nose of green bell peppers” in a white wine…and he was right. It was very weird, because it was the only discernable smell…the problem was, the wine also tasted exclusively like green bell peppers…very off-putting for a white. I like your blog, look forward to more.

  3. Hi, great blog you have here. If you’re ever on the East Coast, you might try some Virginia wines, many of which are made in the European tradition. The soil and climate here are much like that of Bordeaux. I look forward to following your adventures in wine. Cheers! — Rob

    • Rob – Thank you so much for your kind words! I would love to visit Virginia wine country. I have heard great things about the area and the wines being made there. I live in Atlanta which is a bit of a drive to VA but if I am ever in the area, I will make time for a wine visit. Thank you!

      • Hey Molly, thanks for the follow. Atlanta is certainly closer than CA, which is where I thought you were, but still a good hike to VA. If you ever get up this way, I’m happy to share some of my favs you might want to consider visiting. Happy Friday!

  4. I love the photos you feature in your posts! Your theme really shows them off too!

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