Morgan Winery was the first stop in our tour of Carmel Valley wineries.  It is located in a non-traditional tasting room locale which in this case is a high end shopping center.  We arrived first thing in the morning and were eager to see what Morgan had to offer.  The winery makes primarily Chards and Pinots with a few Rhone styles wines as well.

Morgan Winery

I am for the most part a red drinker but I really liked the Morgan Chardonnays.  Specifically the 09 Highland Chardonnay ($26).  I have bought more of this wine since our visit – it is that good.  I also really liked the Pinots and bought one of those as well (range in price is $36 – $48).  My other favorite in addition to the Chard was the Cotes du Crows ($18) which is a 50/50 Grenache Syrah Blend (I am a big fan of Rhone varietals).

The tasting at Morgan is free.  That is super.  The funny thing on the morning we did our tasting was that a homeless man also wanted to get his free sample of vino and mix with the patrons a bit.  He definitely added some color to our visit.  It never would have occurred to me that this would be a risk in a swanky town like Carmel and I now understand why urban cities like San Francisco can’t do free wine tastings.

Downsides?  Nothing major.  Great wines.  A little off the beaten path.  Pinots are on the pricier side.  Chance of entertaining homeless drunks but that could have been a one time thing.

Rating: 3 out of 4 – recommend


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