Last on the itinerary for the day was Paumanok and I am really glad we visited this winery.  I will continue to struggle with how to pronounce it, but I will not struggle when enjoying the wines that I brought home with me.

The tasting room is very charming, spacious and open.  If the day had been sunny, I am sure the room with have been bright, but alas it was overcast and dreary.  However, the wines still taste the same regardless or not the sun is shining.

We tried a selection of whites that were all charming and well made, however, again it was the reds that captivated me.  This winery is 30 years old and they are clearly experienced in winemaking.  We were lucky to meet the winemaker, Kareem Massoud, and his skill and knowledge were evident.

Paumanok winemaker Kareem Massoud

The Paumanok team was busy wrapping up their harvest but graciously let us watch them process a batch of recently harvested grapes.  It is always fun for a wine lover to observe this process, so if you ever get the change, carpe diem.

The leftover bits – aka MOG (matter other than grapes)

Back to the wines.  There were three in particular that I was blown away by.  Interestingly, this set of wines were from three very different vintages – 05, 07 and 10.  This proved to me that these wines can benefit from aging but are also delicious in their youth.  Always a nice quality in a wine.

In my notes, I wrote “LOVE” next to the Assemblage (2010, $50), a Merlot dominated Bordeaux blend.   As this was the last stop of the day, my detailed notes become reduced to more simple descriptors, however, this wine needed nothing more for me to remember it.

Two wines from the Tuthills Lane Vineyard were also remarkable.  The 05 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 07 Merlot (both $60).  Smooth with silky tannins and an alluring nose, these are two wines to write home about.  They are among the more expensive for the area (at least on my travels), however, there is a good reason why they can command a higher price.

Highly recommend a visit to Paumanok.  Beautiful tasting room adjacent to gorgeous vineyards and the wines are fantastic.  Go there.


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