The Central Coast of California is an up and coming region for wine and wine tasting excursions.  Things are more spread out than up north in Napa and Somona but it is worth the trip to the coast.  To start, the Pacific Ocean is gorgeous and for those of us who live in landlocked areas, it is a great bonus to wine taste near the ocean.  The town of Monterey has a tourism focus and several of the tasting rooms are near the very touristy Cannery Row section of town near the aquarium.  Some of the wine we tasted here were awful.  It was insulting that the wineries serving this dreadful wine figured that the unsuspecting tourists just did not know any better.  I am not going to list the places that I am referring to.  I will, however, review the wineries that we really liked and recommend visiting for the wine and the tasting experience.


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