The tasting room for this winery is located within the Cannery at Monterey.  That should have been the first sign that this winery is more interested in targeting tourists and less interested in wine enthusiasts (not that those groups can’t overlap, but in my experience they rarely do).  They have two flights to taste and I tried the reserve list.  While they do have a wide variety of wines, their focus is on Italian varietals.

Bargetto Tasting Room

Sadly, the interaction that one has with the staff at a tasting room has a significant impact on whether the experience is a good or bad one.  Let’s just say that our experience was not a good one.  Our pourer was very indifferent to our visit, I did not learn much about the winery or its history and we certainly did not buy any wines.  The wines were ok, but way overpriced for what they were (in my opinion).

Downsides?  Tourist location which does not add to the ambiance.  The wines are not worth overcoming this annoyance.

Rating: 1 out of 4 – do not recommend


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