Baywood Cellars

Without any hesitation, I can confidently state that my visit to this tasting room was more bizarre than any visit to any other winery ever.  And not good bizarre.  Pretty much strange and bad bizarre.  To start, the tasting room guy was very odd and acted like he was on some sort of medication.  He told us quite a few tales about the history of the winery and why they chose the location for the tasting room (in the Cannery across from a large hotel) and none of the stories reflected positively on Baywood.  Comparing this to Napa where no one ever says anything remotely negative, this was strange.

The first wine we tasted, the 08 Rosso di Tavola has a strange tale.  This wine is a blend of Pinot Noir Rose and Tempranillo.  Apparently, the rose was supposed to stand on its own but it was terrible so they mixed in the tempranillo to help save the wine.  Never heard of this before.

The 08 Merlot was ok, but at $30 overpriced.  And the 06 Cab was again ok, but not worth $45.  As we tried the various wines, we listened to the tasting room guy hit on this group of women staying at the hotel and it was not funny, it was creepy.  The whole experience was bizarre.  I would never go again for the wine but would consider if I needed material for a Twilight Zone episode.

Downsides?  Plenty.  Wine is not great and expensive.  Winery intentionally targets tourist crowd so the tasting is expensive and not designed for wine enthusiasts.  Questionable staff.

rating: 1 out of 4 – do not recommend


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