This is one of those fabulous lesser-known wineries that I really want to keep to myself so that I don’t have to share.  But, they make really great wines and I want them to be successful so I will spread the word.  This tasting experience was one of those that I cherish most – when you just happen upon a winery or tasting room that you are totally unfamiliar with and every thing about the experience just blows you away.  We arrived at Pierce, which is located near the Cannery in Monterey, after two extremely unimpressive tastings within the Cannery.  I had pretty much decided that this area was not a region suited to our tastes but we had time before dinner to try a few more places.  Pierce is away from the Cannery a few blocks and as a result has a much less touristy vibe.  The building is an adorable little cottage that looked so welcoming.

Pierce Tasting Room

The tasting rooms that we had visited that day prior to Pierce were neither welcoming nor friendly.  The opposite describes our visit to Pierce and the staff was welcoming in a genuine and sincere manner.  It was not crowded when we arrived so we were able to secure two primo seats at the counter.  The tasting included a wide selection of wines and we loved all of them.  One really fantastic thing about Pierce is that the wines are very reasonably priced which means you can buy a whole bunch and not worry about needing to take out a loan.

The wines – they focus on Spanish and Portugese varietals.  We tasted several wines from grapes that I had never tried before and after that experience definitely want to try again!!

07 Tourbillon – Pinot like in body and very smooth.  earthy. $16
08 Cosecheiro – Really lovely as well $22
07 Touriga – dry (which I like) but again smooth and balanced $22
07 Petite Sirah – Rich, full bodied and decadent with some dark fruit.  And so easy to drink $18
06 Vinho Doce – Port style wine made with brandy.  Less sugar than other ports though

Downsides?  None at all, but I have heard that late in the afternoon it can get crowded and turn into a bit of a party.  That sounds fun but it may make it harder to learn about the wines.  If that concerns you, go early.
Rating: 4 out of 4 – highly recommend



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