Located in the Carneros region of southern Napa, Acacia focuses primarily on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They make a very widely distributed bottling of each, however, when you visit the winery, only their smaller production wines are available for tasting. I will admit that I was expecting a more impressive tasting room, however, it was a cozy and functional.

Inside the Acacia tasting room

I did taste some very lovely wines.  I really enjoyed the 2010 Cuvee Chardonnay ($25).  While the wine was softened by going through malolactic fermentation, they do not use any oak treatment when fermenting or aging the wine.  For those who like buttery and vanilla flavors in their Chard, check out the 09 Russian River Valley ($42) as this ripe and decadent wine will be a tropical treat.

Two of the Pinots that I tried were excellent.  The 09 Winery Lake Pinot ($45) was great, and I loved the 08 Beckstoffer Pinot ($75) for its smoothness and richness.  The Beckstoffer vineyard grows the grapes behind some pretty amazing wines so I was delighted to try one for myself.

Portfolio of Acacia wines

Overall, the wines were quite nice, however, the visit was average.  I will note that prior to this visit, I had been to two nearby wineries where I was blown away by the experience so that did set the bar high for Acacia.  If you are simply interested in trying the wines, stop by (no apppointment needed).  However, there are other wineries in the area that can offer you a more memorable time.

Rating: 2/3 out of 4 – somewhat recommend


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