Caymus is in the upper echelon of Napa Valley wineries.  The wines are excellent, the tasting well run with excellent service but there are no values to be had.  This is similar to dining at a 4 star restaurant or staying at a very nice hotel.  You get what you pay for.

Caymus Tasting Room

The tastings at Caymus are seated and by appointment.  We had a fairly large group but that was not a problem for them at all.  We tried four wines, starting with the 03 Sauvignon Blanc ($25).  Aged 4 years in oak, essence of pineapple, tart wine with a zing.  Next was the 05 Zinfandel ($36) which was fruity and light bodied.  The two stars of the tasting were last, the 05 Napa Valley Cab ($70) and the 05 Special Selection Cab ($160).  Both were smooth and silky wines, and the latter especially would benefit from more time in the cellar.

Inside Caymus

Downsides?  Great wines but the Cabs may be too expensive for some people.   I still recommend the tasting even if a $160 cab seems crazy to you.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars – recommend


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