Del Dotto

I think that everyone must visit Del Dotto at least once.  I have been twice and on both occasions had more fun than I can articulate into words.  You can only visit via a tour of the caves and barrel tasting many of their wines but it is such a great experience.  If you pay attention you will learn a lot.  The tour guides are so entertaining that you will want to pay attention.

There are two locations and the newer one in St. Helena is stunningly impressive to visit.

Del Dotto St. Helena Winery

The Del Dotto wines don’t need much aging after you buy them to be enjoyed.  On the tour you sample from the barrels and the wines are super.  They make a lot of wines, mostly reds, from Merlot to many Cabs, to a Super Tuscan blend, and Zin, Syrah and Port too.  The last tasting we had included 13 wines.  Don’t plan on going to any wineries after Del Dotto and make your appointment in the afternoon.  It is really fun but you might need to call a cab afterwards.

Del Dott Caves

You can only take home a few of their wines, the rest are bottled on request and shipped to you.  Their Cab blend called The Cave Blend is wonderful and reasonably priced around $40.  Most of the single vineyard Cabs are around $90 which is expensive but they are nice wines.

Downsides?  You won’t be able to drive after but this is one of, if not the MOST fun tour in Napa.  Do it.

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars – highly recommend


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