Duckhorn wines are delicious.  If you are ever somewhere where they are pouring their wines, drink them!  But, I am on the fence about recommending visiting the tasting room or actually buying their wines.  They are nice, but so expensive.  And the tasting room feels very corporate and polished.  Please note that my personal wine travels seek to find small family owned wineries that are small production.  That is my own personal preference so I do not want to presume that everyone wants the same thing from a tasting experience.  Regardless, at this point in my life, this winery is not for me.  They make a fantastic Merlot and Cab and when I make a Bajillion dollars doing something fabulous I may drink their $85 Merlot and $95 Cab.

Duckhorn Tasting Room

The tasting room is beautiful.  It was crowded when we went but if you can make it early in the day you would have a lovely time.  But this is a great example of how wine tasting in Napa messes with your head regarding wine pricing.

Downsides? Wine tasting is expensive, wines are expensive and it will be crowded.  If money is no object then add it to your itinerary.

Rating: 2 out of 4 – neutral


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