I was fortunate to visit Honig with a friend who works for a distributor so we got VIP treatment all the way.  We tried a wide selection of their wines at a seated tasting and had a wonderful time.  Highlights from the tasting included the 06 Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc that is blended with Semillion and Muscat, and goes through some malolactic fermentation.  This is often done with chardonnay and leads to the popcorn taste in that varietal when the wine goes through full ML.  Sauvignon Blanc, however, is not as commonly put through ML so this was a very interesting wine.

Honig Winery

We also tasted several Cabernets which were full bodied, balanced and earthy.  All qualities that I like in a Napa Cab.  The aged Cab from 01 was so smooth and even that it really showed how well these wines will evolve over time.  Most of the new release cabs were about $45 when we visited which is very reasonable for wines of this caliber from Napa.

Inside Honig Tasting Room

The star of the tasting for me was the 04 Cab from the Bartolucci Vineyard.  This big and bold wine benefited from some cellar time as we waited a few years before enjoying this wine and it was well worth the wait.

Downsides?  As I mentioned, our visit was very special because I was with my friend, but I have no reason to assume our visit would have been any less enjoyable if we were on our own.  The wines were great, especially for fans of big Napa Cabs.


Rating: 3 out of 4 stars – recommend


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