Nickel & Nickel

The tasting room for Nickel & Nickel is in an adorable farmhouse surrounded by a white picket fence.  The winery is appointment only and you must enter through a secure gate so once you are inside it is serene and tranquil even though you are in the heart of Napa.  It can be difficult to get an appointment but this format makes the tasting a much better experience, in my opinion.  Nickel & Nickel makes a lot of wines, but their focus is on single vineyard 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.  They really excel at that varietal.  I am in the wine club for this winery so I have tried many of their wines, but the club I am in is all Cabernet so I do not know much about the other varietals that they make wine from.

Nickel & Nickel Farmhouse

The tasting also includes a tour of the grounds which includes a vegetable garden and the converted barn where they make wine.  We were poured a glass of Russian River Valley Chardonnay when we arrived at the winery, but most of the tasting was seated after the tour.  We were given all of the single vineyard Cabs at once so that it was easier to compare and contrast how the wines differed.  They were all excellent.  This is a very high quality winery and the wines are expensive (many of the cabs are $100 a bottle).  There is a considerable savings for wine club members but this is still wine to be enjoyed on special occasions or at least with a great meal.

Gil Nickel also founded their sister winery Far Niente which is amazing too and will be reviewed on another page.

Downsides?  You get what you pay for.  The tasting experience is among the best I have had.  I cherish all of the N&N wine that we have and have been thrilled with every bottle.  Professionalism and poise easily describe everyone we encountered at the winery but the tasting is expensive ($50 a person) and the wines are similarly priced.

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars – highly recommend


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