Peju is hard to miss when driving up or down 29 in Rutherford.  There wines are really wonderful and I have bought a considerable amount from them directly since our visit.  You do not need an appointment but it can get crowded.

Peju Winery

On our visit we tried the 05 Zin, the 05 Syrah, the 04 Merlot and the 04 Napa Cab.  Next up were their reserve wines which are expensive but OUTSTANDING.  The 04 Reserve Cab Franc is one of my favorite wines ever ($90) and the 02 Reserve Cab ($150) is amazing.  These are certainly not everyday drinking wines but the winemakers at Peju are talented.

Inside Peju Tasting Room

Downsides?  It can get crowded and their fabulous wines are very expensive but definitely worth the visit.

Rating: 3 out of 4 – recommend


1 thought on “Peju”

  1. rhettholden said:

    Excellent Winery I love Visiting Peju. I all ways visit Napa at least once a year and I make sure to visit peju. I also have to make time visit Bennett Lane Winery my favorite winery in the valley. I order from their website a couple times a month I really enjoy their bold Cabernets and crisp white wines. Thank you for the great blog.

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