Pride Mountain Vineyards

Atop one of the many mountains between Napa and Sonoma lies a fantastic winery off the beaten path. Or rather, off the path of Spring Mountain road. This winery uses grapes from both Sonoma and Napa so it does not officially belong to either side of the county line. Regardless, they make fantastic wines from predominantly Bordeaux varietals. You need an appointment for a tasting but it seemed to me that this was more for crowd management than anything else.

Pride Mountain Winery

We visited the winery in January 2008 and fell in love with their wines.  We specifically tried and loved the 05 Cab Franc (which is blended with Merlot), 05 the Merlot (which I have served at dinner parties to people who foolishly claim to not like Merlot yet thought this was a fantastic wine) and the 05 Cab (which truly started our relationship with Pride).

The only drawback to liking Pride Mountain and foolishly only buying a bottle or two is that it can be very difficult to buy their wines after your visit. There is a mailing list and it took me a good year to get on the list. I am not complaining as it was worth the wait.

Downsides?  Need an appointment which is not the end of the world and it can be hard to buy after you leave so take that into account if you love any of the wines.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars – recommend


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