Silver Oak

I have visited Silver Oak in Napa twice, but not since they built their new tasting room and winery.  The last visit was in a trailer which made for an odd experience.  Silver Oak makes two Cabs – one from Alexander Valley and one from Napa Valley.  Both wines are very nice but very expensive.

The new tasting room in Napa looks beautiful.

Silver Oak Napa Winery

Many people love Silver Oak and I will certainly drink their wines whenever I have the chance.  I think the wines are too expensive for that they are though. The Alex Valley Cab is $70 and the Napa Cab is $100.

Downsides? Too expensive.  There are plenty of great wines made in this area for half the cost.  The tasting fee of $20 to try two wines is too steep and they don’t refund the tasting fee if you buy wine which irks me immensely.

Rating: 2 out of 4 stars – neutral


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