Frogtown Cellars

This winery is my favorite in the North Georgia area.  They make so many wines, more than any other winery that I have visited, but they are great.  A few of them are among my favorites.  The tasting room is northeast of Dahlonega atop a hill overlooking the vineyards.  The view is stunning, and while it is very different than the wide open valleys in California, it is every bit as beautiful.

The tasting menu separates reds from whites, and since there are so many wines on each list, we only tasted reds our first visit.  Some of the wines have clever names like Propoganda (my fave wine from Frogtown) and Touche, but that does help keep the various blends distinct.  In addition to growing traditional Bordeaux varietals like Cabernet and Merlot, they also produce some lesser known grapes like Tannat and Norton.

Frogtown also understands the importance of enjoying wine with food and sell fresh, hot panini sandwiches on the weekends.  My husband and I loved the wines so much that we joined the wine club after our first visit.  During the summer, Frogtown hosts dinners on their covered patio overlooking for vineyards.  We attended a lobster dinner which was so much fun.  Interestingly, the pairings were all whites.  My husband, and myself to some degree, drink primarily reds, however, the wines were delicious and really complemented the meal perfectly.  My husband said after that dinner the whites were the best he had ever had.  That evening started a journey for me to explore white wines more because I really love many of the foods that pair well with whites (brie, goat cheese, Whole Foods salmon spread, lobster).

There are two tasting “rooms” at Frogtown Cellars – one inside the winery and the other outdoors on a patio.  The winery hosts many events like weddings so there are times where the only tasting option is the patio.  I did enjoy our tasting more inside the winery than we did outdoors.  It may have been the circumstances of the chilly day we tasted outdoors and the larger crowd which affected the attention we got from our pourer, but next time we visit I will try to pick a date that the indoor tasting room is available.  If that is not an option I would still be excited about visiting but maybe not on a chilly November day.  And the tasting I did indoors on our first visit was with the owner and winemaker which is ALWAYS the best way to learn about wines.

Downsides? The wines are great as I mentioned above and they are priced accordingly.  This is not the place to go if you are seeking a stellar wine under $20.  But I highly recommend visiting the winery and their wines.  And if you have the opportunity, attend one of their dinners on the porch.

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars – highly recommend


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