Bella Vineyards

In Dry Creek, at the end of a long and winding road, lies the winery and tasting room for Bella Vineyards.  This winery, which produces primarily Zin and Syrah, has one of the coolest tasting rooms in the area.  Located underground in the wine caves, the tasting room gives you the opportunity to sample Bella’s rich and full bodies wines out of the heat should you visit during the summer.

Entrance to Bella Vineryards caves

On our visit we tried multiple wines, including the 05 Big River Ranch Zin (which was smooth yet spicy), the 05 Sonoma County Syrah, the Hillside Cuvee (Cab, Zin, Petite Verdot) and a late harvest Zin.  We bought a whole bunch of the Syrah  and Hillside Cuvee.

Bella Vineyards Tasting Room

If you have time, this would be a lovely place for a post tasting picnic as the grounds are stunning.

Downsides?  Not one.  Great wines at great prices (most are in the $20s).  Off the beaten path so less likely to get super crowded.  Add this winery to your itinerary.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars – recommend


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