I love the Mounts.  Their wines, the family and visiting their tasting room.  They are genuinely kind and nice people and David Mounts bring a level of dedication to his winemaking that is impressive.  The Mounts family have been in the grape growing business for several generations, but David is the first to get into winemaking.  Growing up in wine country certainly prepared him well.

David and Lana Mounts

I have visited The Mounts several times and they have so many great wines.  I am very partial to their Cab Franc, but it was the 05 Syrah that started our love with this winery.  It was a smooth and luxurious wine (I use the past tense because our vast stash of this wine is long gone).  Many of the wines are reasonably priced ($30ish)

Mounts Winery

This is a no frills winery but that is one of its many attractive charms.  The tastings are in a rustic barn and you are surrounded by barrels.  The view from behind the barn is stunning and you get to enjoy some luxurious wines that grew up right around you.

Downsides?  Not one.  Add this winery to your itinerary.

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars – highly recommend


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