Quiriva is owned by the founder of my husband’s company so our visit was partly driven by curiosity.  We had had one of their wines prior to heading out to Sonoma and it was quite nice so we were fairly optimistic that it would be a good visit.  Located pretty far out on West Dry Creek Road in the Dry Creek section of Sonoma, the views of the valley are gorgeous from the winery.  Quivira has been very progressive in energy efficiency and it was neat to learn about their successes in that area.

Quivira Winery

The wines in the tasting included a selection of Sauvignon Blancs and Zinfandels.  The two SBs we tried were very different.  The first from the Fig Tree Vineyard ($18) was fruity and blended with Semillon.  The second ($24) was made in a chardonnay style using malolactic fermentation which made it much more buttery.

Inside Quivira

Next up were the Zins which we really liked.  The 05 Dry Creek Zin ($20) was blended with Petite Syrah and was light in body yet very smooth.  This was my favorite of the set.  The second Zin was the 05 Anderson Ranch ($35) and this wine was softer and more fruit forward.  Very small production wine.  The last Zin was the Wine Creek Ranch Zin ($30) which was more intense due to the tough growing conditions.

We also tried the 05 Petite Syrah from Wine Creek Ranch ($26) which was great.  An excellent food wine for big, bold foods.

Downsides?  Our visit was nice but nothing super special.  That may have been due to the lack of enthusiasm of our pourer which can affect a visit considerably.  The wines are nice and reasonably priced.


Rating: 3 out of 4 – recommend


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