The quaint tasting room for Stolpman is located in the adorable wine lover’s paradise of Los Olivos.  Set a block or so off the main street, this welcoming and friendly winery makes some amazing wines, particularly their Syrah.

Outside the Stolpman Tasting Room in Los Olivos

The first wine I tried though, was one of the most memorable of the entire trip.  The 08 L’Avion which is 100% Roussanne is a really lovely wine; soft and smooth from the malolactic fermentation, it gives off aromas of tropical fruits like papaya and mango.  It is on the pricier side for a white ($38) but I bought one bottle which I will cherish sometime soon.

Inside the Tasting Room at Stolpman

The next wine we tried was the La Cuadrilla, which is actually made by the vineyard team and the winery shares the profits of the wine sales with the crew.  Very cool.  The wine was on the young side but approachable, with hints of black fruit.  The blend includes Syrah, Grenache, Petite Sirah and some Viognier.

The wines that I really loved were the three different Syrahs, which range in price from $38 for the Estate and Originals to $48 for the Hilltops Syrah.  The Hilltops vineyard is steep with lots of exposure making it a tough life for the grapes that grow there.  As a result, the yields are less making for a more concentrated and delicious wine.  It is smooth, earthy with characteristic dark fruit and coffee aromas.  Yum.

Downsides?  We had a lovely time and would visit again in a heartbeat.  My two favorites were the more expensive wines they produce so no bargain hunting for me on this visit.

Rating: 4 out of 4 – highly recommend


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