David Bruce

My visit to this winery happened somewhat randomly.  My husband were on our way from San Francisco to Monterey to go wine tasting and I wanted to stop somewhere along the way to break up the drive.  I searched Google Maps around the halfway point and saw a winery (two actually) and was delighted that my mission was accomplished.  Little did I know at the time that I would end up having one of my best tasting experiences of my wine life, and for the first time ever, go absolutely gaga over a Pinot.  Most California Pinots upon release are to fruity and light bodied for my style preference.  But, I have gotten ahead of myself.

David Bruce Winery

If you look at the map, David Bruce appears to be quite close to Palo Alto, where we stopped for breakfast.  However, the map does not convey the crazy, winding road full of switchbacks that you have to drive up to get to the top of the mountain where the winery is located.  As a result, you feel like you are a millions miles away from the hustle and traffic of Silicon Valley and it is worth every knuckle biting moment of driving up that road.
The tasting room is quite modest, but that sometimes means the wines don’t need any distracting ambiance to convey how lovely they are.

As I mentioned before, I had never heard of David Bruce before and therefore had absolutely no expectations for the tasting, good or bad.  We started with a taste of the Chard which was very nice and then moved on to the Pinots which constitues the bulk of their portfolio.  The wines that were just released were very nice.  However, they had a 2000 Pinot to taste which was 11 years old (we went in 2011) and this wine absolutely blew us away.  It was not like any Pinot I had ever had and I started to undertand why people go nuts over Red Burgundies.  And to make things even more awesome, if you bought a case of one of the best wines I had ever tasted, it was 50% off.  So, this aged Pinot that was smooth and earthy and silky smooth was $16 a bottle.  But, we had to drink it quick as more cellar time likely would not help things.  Fear not, that case was gone faster than fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

They also make a very lovely Petite Sirah which was also somewhat aged before release (04).  Bought some of that too.  If I am ever remotely near Los Gatos I can assure you thatI will make up whatever excuse I can to visit David Bruce again.

Downsides? None at all unless you plan on going there by bicycle.  If that is the case, good for you but good luck getting down that road after tasting all the super David Bruce wine.

Most wines are in the $30s.
Rating: 4 out of 4 stars


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