I value and respect wineries that understand how a wine can taste so much better when enjoyed with food.  Especially in the afternoon after one has been to three wineries already and is starting to lose the ability to judge wines.

Pessagno Winery

The tasting room at Pessagno is great.  A big open space with stool seating along a counter.  We were made to feel very welcome upon arrival even though the place was hopping.  The list of wines available for tasting was extensive and you get to pick seven to try.  This was stressful because I was not sure what to pick but I made some great choices.  The focus is Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with some other reds as well.

Inside Pessagno Tasting Room

I tried three Chards – the 08 Lucia Highlands Vineyard ($26), the Sleepy Hollow Vineyard ($32) and the Intrinity ($45).  My favorite was the Sleepy Hollow, and since then I have noticed other wineries with Chards from this same vineyard.

At some point during the whites, our server brought out a plate of sandwiches that he had just made.  No charge, just a snack to enjoy with our wines.  This may not sound like much but it was just what the doctor ordered after so much wine and no lunch.  They were not gourmet sandwiches but they were delicious and really helped us to get a better feel for how good the wines were.  I will remember those sandwiches forever as silly as that may sound.  That kind of thing does not happen in Napa.

Next up were the Pinots and I tried two.  The 08 Lucia Highlands ($28) and the Four Boys ($55).  My fave red of the tasting was the 08 Zin from the Idyll Times Vineyard ($21).
My aunt who was with us is a home wine maker and asked a few questions about how the wines were made that the server did not know how to answer.  So, the wine maker came out and chatted away with us and answered all of her questions.  This kind of thing does not happen at big corporate wineries.

Downsides?  Not one.  Great wines, even better service.  I would visit here again without a doubt.

Rating: 4 out of 4 – highly recommend


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